“We’ve just been humming around the idea of selling…”

That’s AWESOME. It is absolutely suggested that you should come around to the idea of selling your house on your own, without push from realtors OR family members. The market is GREAT! However, there are always so many variables. I am happy to go over them without pressure, and tailored to your specific house.

At our first meeting, expect to receive a colorful folder from yours truly. Even if you are meeting with a few Realtors so you can really feel like you connect with a certain type, this folder is PACKED with essential pieces of value. Property condition disclosures, proceeds statement (tailored to you and your current mortgage, if any, to show estimated proceeds from the sale), FOR SALE value packet and some pre-listing goodies. If you are interested in this packet- please let me know!

What’s My Home Worth?

The information that you share with me here will not be shared. It is confidential, and the comparables that are ran are NOT computer generated, I generate them myself. Please contact me if you have any questions!

Please fill out this simple form in order for me to get back to you with an accurate home valuation analysis. Super easy- and no spam will be sent on my behalf.

DISCLAIMER: I will send a CMA Based on your address, house type and neighborhood. If you’re considering selling, a face-to-face meet with you and your home is always helpful.