Common Questions

“I want to sell my house…. now what?”


Who will I be working with?

Me, and only me! I am not part of a team, but I do have a mentor. Molly, who has been by my side since I started my career, always has my back when it comes to questions, advice or opinions. I value her knowledge and veteran-status, and I absolutely use her when I need her!

How do you arrive at the listing price?

I use comparables to my highest advantage… as should every Realtor. I use your neighborhood, style of house (ranch, split entry, 2 story…) and square footage to eliminate any home that is not a true comparable. I narrow it down by the last 6-12 months (depending on how and what has sold in your neighborhood) and we go from there. I don’t feel comfortable at the tip-top of the comp list, unless the house truly is outstanding, one of a kind and highly sought-after. It is typical for the interest of buyers to peak after 1-3 weeks on the market, so it is necessary to price it right in order to get the most potential buyers in the door as possible.

How long will the process take?

Thank Goodness for technology, because things work as rapid fire these days. When you are ready, I send over the required documents and do the back-end work to get your house ready to list. On average, when I meet with my sellers, it is about 3-6 weeks from first meeting to our list date. After that, it depends on the market! We will go over comps and DOM (days on market) to give you the closest best-guess-estimate, so you know what to expect as we move forward.

How much does selling my house cost?

There is an ‘Estimated Proceeds Statement’ that I fill out and tailor to each and every home/seller. If you can just give me your approximate (within 1 or 2 thousand) loan payoff amount, I can show you a very close glimpse at the costs and proceeds associated with selling your house. The costs that you paid to get INTO your house, will be given to you in proceed rather than cost… yay! Here’s how it works…. We take the sales price (or list price, in the first instance) and SUBTRACT the loan payoff, mortgage release fee (usually $100), pro-rated taxes (this varies depending on county), special assessments, title insurance (split between buyer and seller evenly), state documentary tax ($2.25/$1000 of selling price), escrow closing fee, professional fee (realtor commission) and THEN we arrive at your estimated proceeds. It’s rather simple to fill out, hit me up with your loan payoff and I’ll show you! 😊 The biggest expense on the proceeds statement will be the commission, which we will negotiate privately. On average, clients should expect 5-8% of the purchase price to be applied towards all realtor costs (this is listing and buying sides!)

Do I need to move out before I put my house on the market?

Absolutely not. My favorite thing to do is spend an afternoon with my clients, before we go ‘live’ and begin showings. I share ideas about how to declutter, rearrange/stage, and offer tips and advice on showing techniques. It is vital to clean up and look presentable when it comes time to show, as it will give the buyer a place to imagine their own things.