Early Occupancy

This is a new one for me! I have heard about this since before I got my license, because duh I had to learn about it. Knowing that it was an option was eye opening enough, I really didn't think there was such a thing. From what I was told, the closing is the biggest … Continue reading Early Occupancy

Eat Your Heart Out in Omaha

Ya have to have it. You might as well enjoy it! Check out the link below for details! I am so proud of this city and everything it has to offer! Please send me an email with your reviews of local restaurants! https://livability.com/ne/omaha/food-scenes/why-omaha-nebraska-might-be-the-best-place-to-eat-in-america-right-now


So I have this big appointment tomorrow. I made a pretty big-girl decision last weekend; and it was that I'm 110% sick of having long hair. It's GOT.TO.GO. Tomorrow, 9am. I can't wait. I've been pinning a whole bunch of looks, I'm just stoked. No color, just cut. Because el' naturale... WITH THAT BEING SAID … Continue reading THE NEW ERA

Neighborhood Listing, Typical Split Level… With Allowances!

Willow Wood is a pretty popular neighborhood; 3 parks, walking trails and nice hills for sledding and steeper walks. There are quiet cul-de-sacs that boast mature trees and 1970-style homes. Many have been updated, both exterior and interior, and few go on the market. There is MAYBE one new listing in the neighborhood a month, … Continue reading Neighborhood Listing, Typical Split Level… With Allowances!