Here’s to 2019! Omaha Market Update

I put an offer in on a $100,000 house the other day…. we were one of FIVE offers.

I wrote an offer last night on a $270,000 house… we were one of FIVE offers!

If anyone tells you the market has slowed… absolutely not the case! Now, because of the season, it’s normal to see a slight decrease in inventory… because of the obvious. A lot of people are under the impression that winter/early spring listing will negatively impact your listing; buyers are slowing their pace, the weather will impact showings, you may sit on the market longer….

Again, totally not the case! The buyers that are looking right now are serious buyers, they are qualified and they are ready to find a house. There is still a huge percent of my clients that are first-time home buyers, some are downgrading, some are upgrading. Their intentions are to get in and get out, make a decision and move quickly. It’s a GREAT time to not only buy, but sell, too!

FIVE OFFERS! Multiple offers in the dead of winter. Right after the holiday rush. During a 4″ snowy weekend.

My job security rests easily in the Omaha housing market. I encourage you, if you own, to contact me so we can run a quick report and see what the value of your house looks like.

Are you renting? Contact me so we can talk about qualifying you as a serious buyer. Let’s get you moving, in or out!


I hope everyone had a FABULOUS holiday season. Happy New Year!

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