All of my attention has been directed towards my social media campaigns, and making my voice heard on the platforms I have had for many years. I have promoted my website, and the traffic is great! I want the information to be the key piece of information my visitors get, not so much blog traffic.

In any case, I thought I’d update you! What’s been going on at AG?

-SELLING AND BUYING!? Always! I have closed 4 transactions since I last blogged, and I have a listing that is going to close soon, as well as other buyer transactions in the works. Things are busy here, and this is always good!

-PROFILE UPDATES! I have teamed up with Homelight to get my profile up and running, by verifying my stats and licenses, insurance and member information. I got everything going there, I am just waiting for final approval for my recent sales. My realtor.com profile can be found here >>>> and will give you all of my updated sales in current time.

-BUYER AND SELLER PACKETS! I have perfected the folder! The mother of all information packets. I hand these out like hot cakes and I am SO pleased to have compiled all of this info, and so grateful that I have clients that want them so badly! Holler if you want one!

-UNEXPECTED EXTRAS. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!  A week from today I will be hand-delivering my Thanksgiving Mini Pies for my clients in and around the Omaha metro area. I am SO excited! I developed some Realtor traditions in my first year, so I am so excited to be able to do this again, only on a much larger scale this year!

I am compiling a really great WELCOME video to share right here on the homepage of this website. It will be an intro to ME, my business and how I operate. I think this will be GREAT when people who haven’t met me yet are able to read me and my personality, before they decide to choose me as their realtor. Stay tuned!

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