So I have this big appointment tomorrow. I made a pretty big-girl decision last weekend; and it was that I’m 110% sick of having long hair. It’s GOT.TO.GO. Tomorrow, 9am. I can’t wait. I’ve been pinning a whole bunch of looks, I’m just stoked. No color, just cut. Because el’ naturale…

WITH THAT BEING SAID >>> We are going to try something new. I firmly believe that you don’t grow unless you get out of your comfy box. So this is me, getting out of my comfy box. I like my house. I like staying in and not doing much. Too many people freak me out. but… I LOVE People, I love watching, listening, talking, sharing… people are what makes our world go ’round. It is my duty as a mother to attempt to bring out the good in every possible way I can, and this is it.

Getting to know you. Letting you get to know me. Hear my voice and listen to my calls. I want you to see my face, recognize me and vouch for me. I am raising you all as my cheerleaders… so!

We are gunna launch a VLOG. I think at this point, not knowing a whole lot yet, we will just attach them to these BLOGS and go from there. I am so anxious. Like actually pretty scared. There are moments where I’m totally confident and excited, and others where I’m like yeah no, maybe next year?

I gotta do this. I have so much I draft in my blogs that I want to share, but the words don’t come out in writing. Sometimes I just want to pull my car over and vent, and I wish my tribe could hear my voice. I have a powerful one, and I’ve worked very hard on that. I have pushed myself more in the last 15 months than I ever have my entire life.

This is just another step. Another piece to the ever-evolving puzzle that is my world.

There are a lot of things I’m unsure of. There are also 10x more things that I am certain. This is one of them…

Let’s do this!

See you next week! XO

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