Neighborhood Listing, Typical Split Level… With Allowances!

Willow Wood is a pretty popular neighborhood; 3 parks, walking trails and nice hills for sledding and steeper walks. There are quiet cul-de-sacs that boast mature trees and 1970-style homes. Many have been updated, both exterior and interior, and few go on the market. There is MAYBE one new listing in the neighborhood a month, during the busy market season of spring-fall.

The most typical house style is a split-level, and many floor plans are identical. There are also 1 1/2 stories, multi-level and very, very few ranches. Literally, maybe a few. Prices this year are between $170,000-$185,000. 5 years ago, we purchased our split level at 1600 SF, 3/3/2 (3 bed, 3 bath, 2 car garage) for $125,000!! Market was a little different 5-7 years ago.

I walked through a split level not too far from our house, as this house has been sitting for a few weeks. This winter we noticed that the house was rather quiet; we assumed the older gentleman that lived there likely passed. Sure enough, we started seeing his kids fixing the place up… and it listed shortly there-after. I was sure it would go fast! Until I saw the price… Remember the comps I shared ^^^? Pay Attention to the notes, the videos and pictures and then check out the original list price. Then, notice the price decrease and the questions you’re asking are likely to be answered.

CON: The house has mismatched and stained carpet. No new appliances, old counter-tops, backsplash, flooring and cabinetry. Old school arches through the main living area and dining. Closed off (or separate) living quarters; kitchen, dining and living room. The old stone on the mantel is not-so-easy to destroy, but easier to cover up with a wood ‘mask’ and mantle. Super strange step down from the formal dining to the kitchen, so not a fan, but…. the natural light in the kitchen is adequate. The deck… oh, ma goodness. It needs to be tore down and rebuilt to code and safety standards. It was an absolute DIY handy-man special… poorly constructed and to be honest, scary to be on that high up off the ground. The yard is super small! Yes, a privacy fence… but it does you no good with an incredibly high deck, sketchy stairs and the claustrophobic feeling that you have a small yard.

PRO: Master vaulted ceilings, a double closet and a 3/4 bath. The basement is fully finished, where the laundry is located, along with another bathroom and the lower-level recreation area AND a non conforming bedroom, closed off! They are also offering a $2500 carpet allowance! Kitchen has a nice-sized peninsula and allows for more counter space. Kitchen has great hard-wood floors! Nicely maintained. Some newer bathroom upgrades such as vanity and mirrors, the master also has an handy-man special faux-marble shower paneling. It looks nice at first glance! The natural light in the main living areas is excellent! Would be so much brighter if the walls were taken down and the place was more open. Fresh paint and trim, again, all handy man specials but it is clear they wanted to get this place SOLD!

It has serious potential. I would give my left leg to purchase the house at a ‘steal’ price and remodel it. With over 2000 SF the house has the perfect amount of space for a 3-5 member family.


2223 N. 129th Street, Omaha NE 68164

Willow Wood

Originally listed on 7/16 at $190,000. NOW $179,000 with a $2,500 carpet allowance!


PSA: a Home 11 houses up went on the market last week; fully updated and truly move-in ready. Split level, 3/2/2 and 1530SF. Listed at…. $185,000 and as of 8/13, on the market for 4 days. It’s smaller, but has beautifully-done upgrades and move-in ready. I have no doubt this one will be pending by the end of the week.


——–>>>>>> PEEP THIS <<<<<———-


Video Walk-Through Available on Facebook.


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