Hang On! It’s About to Get Bumpy…

What I am about you to tell you is the God honest truth. I am holding nothing back, and because of that… I pray you don’t get confused. We are going to be talking about ONE client. 3 homes, 1 client. With me still? Their house, we will call Nebraska Ave. The other two we will call Waterloo and Blair, respectively. Let’s begin….

I met Mr. and Mrs. in April at Waterloo. We did the walk through and they both fell in love. We decided to write an offer, but the dropped the bomb that the offer would need to be contingent on them selling and closing on the home that they own (thankfully no mortgage, though!). Ok, sweet! Double deal for me, right!? I get it listed, we get Waterloo pending and from here, time stands still. For 2 months TWO MONTHS! 2 months we did price decreases, canceling and relisting, new pictures, new advertisements, paid advertisements… like you guys. You name, I probably did it. I am proud to say that I` legit tried and did everything in my power that I could as a listing agent to promote my property. So many agents had said to me, “oh yes! I saw that house I just don’t have a buyer!” So at least I knew the advertising was working, right?

It was 70 days on the market, which is unheard of. Why? You may ask? Well… Waterloo was 270k. They needed to list and sell their house for the most possible, because duh of course… they needed as much as money as possible so as not to take out a loan. Makes sense! So, it was overpriced. No big, because we knew we had some time to decrease the price. We did this every few weeks, and to no avail.

My sellers (also buyers, remember!) call me on July 1st. “Hey Abby!….” (at this point, I’m sweating. I’m thinking they want to dip out of both of the deals and take their house off the market… we will talk about how much money I had to lose in a while) “We found a house yesterday…. we want to write an offer. And if it gets accepted, we want out of Waterloo, and to decrease the price of our house by 10 GRAND!”

At this point I am crying. With excitement. Because this is what the house needs. A price decrease THIS dramatic is sure to sell it. So, everything they wanted… they got. We got the Blair house. We got out of the Waterloo house (they did lose their $1,000 earnest deposit but they were smitten with their choice, so whatevs!) and moved on with replicating many of the moves we already made, to do over with the Blair house.

We had to extend the deadline to get their house sold… and 2 days later.. WE GET AN OFFER. At this point, again, tears. It has been a long road.

We have spent over $500 of our own money, of course, out of our pockets, with no promise of repayment… into this transaction. This amount does NOT include my time; this is cash I have put down for professional pictures, extra signs as mine were stolen, their storage unit (deposit and month x3 and counting….) and multiple road trips to and from the homes that are both 20-30 minutes from my house.

I love these people. They have become my friends, and what is most valuable to me, is that they trust me. They have learned that they can lean on me, and that I will stop at nothing to make sure their wish is my command. I have given them their every wish, and because of this, I have grateful, forgiving, patient and happy clients.

We have their house under contract. This contract is a whole ‘nother story, and I can’t wait to spill the beans. We just need a few more weeks to work out the kinks, but things are really coming along smoothly. (DEAR LORD JESUS PLEASE LET IT STAY THAT WAY!)

I cannot stress this enough… The agents I have been working with have been AMAZING. Very open lines of communication, very kind, very understanding and most important as far as I’m concerned… calm, cool and collected.

Thank you to all, who have shared my FOR SALE and PRICE DECREASE! posts. We finally did it! I KNEW this would be a tough transaction, and when it’s all said and done, it’ll have taken 6 MONTHS to collect my commission check. All worth it. Why? Because it has taught me so much. About real estate. The Omaha market. Myself as an agent. I’m grateful. For the opportunity, for my clients, for the chance to list their home and get them moving into their forever home.

Thank you for your support, always. XO


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