Nebraska Avenue

I met the nicest couple showing a house out of town in April. We put an offer in, got it accepted, and had to quickly put their house on the market. They started high (too high!), knowing they’d have to decrease it after a while if they didn’t get any bites. We had a TON of showings the first few weeks, but absolute crickets when it came to feedback and offers. They decreased, cancelled the listing and relisted it the next day, just to cause a new stir with clients and agents in the metro. We had a few more showings… and a few months went by… and here we are.

Price decreased by $17,000!!!! since their first listing. They have continued to work on their home in hopes of selling it, but still, no offers.

I have paid over $150 for pictures, over $350 for their storage unit (I did this out of the goodness of my heart- knowing they needed a place to stash and hide their crap) thinking that with such a strong market, this baby would’ve been closed by now. So… I am under water $500+ and 3 signs that have mysteriously gone missing… and we still have nothing.

I am exhausted. This is the hardest thing I have done to date since getting my license, and it isn’t over yet. If they cancel their contract, I get a small part of my money back per the agreement, but my time is valuable and will otherwise be wasted if I don’t sell this property.

Okay. So… the house that they had pending out of town… was over their budget. They agreed, thinking it was perfect for them, until Mrs. Seller called me on Sunday night to break the news…

They wanted out of the contract. I am silently crying, ok? Imagine. Just try. All of the sweat and tears, money and time I have poured into this transaction, only to have them back out…

But it gets better. Truly, better. They found another house. 3x the size of the out-of-town house, in the area they want, and it’s LESS MONEY! So, we were able to decrease the price of their home for sale by 9 THOUSAND DOLLARS! Hoping to cause another stir in the market to get it showed, and hopefully pending within TWO weeks or we will be back to where we started. Kind of. Except worse because we will have a house on the market with no where for them to go if/when it sells.

Are you still with me?

I’m beat. Emotionally and mentally just pooped out. I have prayed silently, out loud, with my children, at the table and on my knees… to please, please, although it is teaching me much, to sell this house. Please, Lord, bring the couple that is destined to live in this home, through it, and make an offer. We are desperate. They are ready to move on with their lives, as am I. I would love very much to have this home be a success story, not a “listing cancelled” because the sellers weren’t financially able to decrease it to the price it should have sold for.

Keep us in your thoughts. Share the post, make it public… tell all of your Omaha friends. We gotta sell this house. With your help, we can get it done. Share, share, share!

15371 Nebraska Avenue. 4 beds, 4 bath, 2336 finished SF. 1100 SF in the basement that is unfinished and ready to be made into your entertainment cave. NO back neighbors, gorgeous, quiet neighborhood in Omaha’s NW School District. 156th and Fort in Stone Park. Call me for more details! 402-709-3285

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