Humble Sounds of Silence

So the first year has come and gone, and now we are dealing with the “ok! you are part of the 15% of first-year agents that made it! now go back to work” issue. I swear the first year I had rookie luck. I had people that wanted to help me, wanted me to get my first sale, and not that those people have forgotten about me.. but I have numerous transactions under my belt and I fear that they think I’m doin’ alright.

And I am. I have active clients, my pipeline continues to grow…. but since Memorial Day, it has been eerily quiet. I have had to go back to the basics to try and nail down exactly what is happening to my business, and why I’m not as slam-packed busy as I was at the beginning of the warm weather/ house hunting season. What WAS I doing that I am not doing anymore? What WAS happening that isn’t happening now? Was I going to more meetings? But, networking with other agents, though good for education and staying fresh in the game, does not help me get new clients. In this city, although big, there are many agents. There are many agents that have made their mark. I am still just getting started! The fear that comes with the first-year jitters and real, and they are sticking around.

Social media IS LIFE. I don’t mean that I can’t live without it, I’m saying we, as a society, cannot be without it. I am able to talk and connect with people that I had otherwise forgotten about before Facebook. I have met and connected with people that I haven’t even physically met, but become great friends, because of Facebook. THIS was my beginning. THIS, this RIGHT HERE! Is how I got started. One person who tagged me in a post, closed my first deal. One person who posted a picture of my creative side, and had another reach out for that and we ended up talking about Real Estate…. all Facebook. I have been wanting to take personal time away from Facebook lately to refocus on the future and what I need to do to ensure my success. It’s here.

Don’t overestimate the power of word of mouth. I plan on showing you guys what I’ve learned, how I learned, what is important to me and my clients and much more, just so I can earn trust with you. Just so you know you can come to me with ANYTHING Real Estate related- no question is a bad question. I might not know the answer! Know this! I do NOT know it all, but I promise you I will find out.I have learned in my young age that honesty is the best policy; and because I want your trust, I vow to always be honest with you, even if it means admitting I am wrong and making it all right.


Buying a house is scary. It will likely be your biggest investment, especially as a first-time home buyer, and with that it is full of fear from the pre-approval to the approved contract. As a Realtor, I pride myself on being empathetic. Reading your fear (this is where my bachelors in psychology actually comes in handy!) and calming you. Rationalizing the decisions. Negotiating FOR you. Making the phone calls to ensure that closing goes according to plan, on schedule, and without major hiccups. This isn’t to say things won’t come up… but my goal in making your experience near perfect is to lessen the blow. Be the one you come to when the whole thing just seems like ‘too much’.

There is much competition in this city, and you know what? I have accepted I-couldn’t-even-tell-you how many friend requests from other Realtors here in Omaha. THEY. Requested to be MY friend. I tell you this not out of boastfulness, but to show you how although there is competition, we respect each other, know the industry, and understand the struggles. I have learned so much the past 12 months and 10 closed transactions, I am grateful for the beginning I had, and can only home and dream that the next 12 months is just as successful.


Thanks for always believing in me. Thanks for sending me your ideas, your well wishes, and mostly… your referrals.


Check out the website to get familiar with it and show it off to your friends and family! Can’t wait to plan a party of thankfulness that you ALL have to come to! We throw the best parties I swear 😉

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