I Got Dumped

Well… it happened. Eleven months into my real estate career…. I got dumped for the first time. And, truth be told, since I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea… it likely won’t be the last.

I met a guy last fall (November 1st, literally) at a dumpy house in Louisville. We talked for a few months while he got his finances together and figured out how much he could afford. Fast forward to winter, January-ish… he is calling me and emailing me to start to look at houses again. Fair game, let’s do it. I showed him 20 houses. Not ONE did he put an offer in on. And they were nice houses! Some were crap holes, sure, but there were at LEAST five good homes that I expected to write on. He texted me yesterday to let me know he has ‘enlisted his cousin to get back in real estate. I appreciate everything you have done for me…’

Moral of the Story: Good riddance. I have more time to spend on lead generation, and furthering my relationships with my past, current and future clients. I can’t allow someone to waste my time. As Brian Buffini would tell me, you have to tell your Buyer Bye. If they aren’t buying, say goodbye. After showing 20 houses, I’m not looking back.

This career is hard. I have lost countless hours of sleep while stressing over crap that I have legit no control over. Contracts I hope to win. Buyers I hope to win over. Sellers I hope to impress. People I hope to make a lasting impression on.

Things I have no control over. This career has taught me so much, but more than anything, it has taught me to be OK with who I am. It’s taught me to understand and accept that I cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. If that is the only thing Real Estate will teach me (this is a stretch because it has already taught me 100x more); than I will have conquered something I have been challenged with my entire life. I know you may not pick me to sell your house, or buy your house, and that’s okay. Don’t shame me for reaching out. Don’t shame me for writing letters or asking questions.

This summer will be the first summer that we have paid our way to a nice vacation. Paid off our debts, and been able to enjoy life without worrying if the electricity will be turned off. It is because of my willingness to hustle, my determination to end the lives we were leading, that we are where we are. It is because of my stamina to keep going when I felt discouraged that we are where we are. It is because of my choices that my man had the option of quitting his job and retiring to be able to work beside me, at home, and make a better living than we ever dreamed of. It is because of US, TOGETHER, that our children get to see a way of living that we have dreamed of for years.

I might not be your cup of tea- and I’m okay with that. For once, I will not deny being dumped, I will stand tall and gain twice as many clients as I lost. I will stand tall, not lose a wink of sleep, and win…win…win.

Always reaching out and never giving up,





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