Spring Has SPRUNG!

I tried to write down last weeks activities, because it was so out of control I thought I was dreaming. Brandon started his acting classes this last week, which run from Tuesday-Thursday and are around bedtime. No big! I can handle that. When he signed up, it dawned on me that it would be around the time the market would heat up, so we would need to find a nanny-type that would be able to be available to us if and when we needed her during times like this when we have overlapping meetings/showings/classes.

It’s Tuesday. I have TWO buyers call me, wanting to see THREE houses. It’s 4:30 when I find this out, ok? So in 2 hours I need to have a sitter arranged, tell my social-anxious child, and manage to get me out of the house unscathed. IM DYING HERE- LORD PULL ME THROUGH! Right?

I was grateful enough to have a girl from the daycare the kids go to be willing to come over and basically.. be at our beckon call if and when we need her. The kids trust her, love her, adore her.. you name it. BLESSED, once again.

I head out to my showings. They go swell, nothing to bid on, but everything is fine!

Wednesday- same thing. More showings. Three that day.

Thursday- We leave for Des Moines at 9 am after an early morning showing. Photo shoot for B’s headshots. Had a great time- loved the drive and time to reflect and relax. I got a text while we were driving- someone I held an open for back in early December has keep contact with me as she was unhappy with her agent and took her house off the market. Come to find out… she hired me to list her house! WHOO!!!!!! Alright, back home in Omaha… Thursday night….. SAME THING. (MARKET IS HOT YALL!) 2 more showings. Morgan (nanny!) can’t watch the kids ( I planned on having this night off, but duty calls. In this market there IS NO night off if a buyer wants to see a house ) so Brandon and I devise a plan. Showing is at 5. I pick our oldest up from school, drop him off and switch cars. Brandon leaves at 545, comes to the house I’m showing, drops my car, with the kids inside, off with me, and takes his truck to his classes. I finish the showing, all while feeling INCREDIBLY grateful that I have understanding clients- there are some things you just can’t avoid. This would be one of them.

It’s Thursday night and I kinda just wanna die. A happy death. I am looking forward to the weekend to rest up and let my brain process everything. I had planned on having the night off, as I said, but what the clients need, they get.

Friday. Final walk through for my clients who are closing today (Monday). Was so nice to spend an hour with them, hearing their plans about their new home where they are going to be starting a family and beginning their lives together. (THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO! MATCHMAKER!)

Saturday comes, I had 3 showings at 10am. Met my clients at 5 and wrote an offer there. Spent the night back and forth with signatures and counter offers. WHOOF.

It’s Sunday. Yesterday. I don’t even know what happened. Oh yeah… it snowed. Like WTF Nebraska I am SO OVER YOUR SH*T. I just got my license though so I am stuck here until we are wealthy enough to move 😉 . ANYWAY. It snowed, right? Client calls. Wants to see a house. *FACE PALM.* It’s all good. We see it, it’s a no, I head towards home and into the warmth of the house.

I’m not tired. Why? I love what I’m doing. For the first time in my life- the repetitive motions of showing, writing, calling, talking…. it doesn’t get old. Mind you… we are less than a year in, but so far, so good. I am holding my own, responding in a timely manner, and am personable and full of energy.

The market is JUST barely heating up. Once the snow melts and the temperature holds steady for at LEAST a month, we are in the clear. Let’s get our huntin’ boots on (praying for sandals soon!) AND FIND A HOUSE TO BUY!


All of my Real Estate love and advice- XO

THIS WEEK: 13 showings. 3 offers. 1 contract accepted, 1 contract rejected, 1 contract countered. 4 active buyers. Closing last week, closing this week.


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