Zillow, You’re Killin’ Me Smalls

Let me make this clear. I will never be replaced by Zillow. Ever. My job is to precious, an online robot will never be able to replace me nor my fellow colleagues. Our time is precious, our personalities are unique, and our commitment goes without saying, one of a kind. This online format of home-hunting is a killer, though, I have to tell you.

I had a client come to me a few months ago about a home I did an open on. It was another agent’s home she had listed, but I held the open for her. So, after the open house, the home owner contacted me in hopes I had some good news and leads for her. I told her I did, I kept her name and told her I would keep her posted. Fast Forward. Home owner had no offers, she took the home off the market, and my client emailed me a month later wondering why their house was in foreclosure. I can’t make this up.

Because she took her home off the market, Zillow marked it as FORECLOSURE. She paid for this house in cash. Again, I can’t make this up. The Zestimate you see, the Auction amount, in many cases….IS BOGUS! Please, for the love of GOD do not trust Zillow over a licensed Real Estate professional.

Now, of course, my client is not the problem. I never once told her, OMG how dare you? No! That is her preferred source of information, and that’s fine. Zillow takes the homes that are placed on MY MLS and puts them on their server to reach people through a national database- that’s fine. You are going to see homes for sale. You will see rentals. For Sale By Owners. But the information you see within Zillow will not always be correct. Ya know the saying… everyone has an opinion? Well… just because Zillow is well-known doesn’t mean it’s always accurate.



Call me. I will settle the dispute and correct your misinformation. Do not ever assume Zillow is correct. As a licensed Realtor, I have access to information that the general public does not. I can get you the information you need without adding to the wealth of misguided information that Zillow has to offer.


PS- Zillow and Trulia are twins. You’re welcome.


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