So, You’re Ready To Build?

With a lack of  homes on the market, and more buyers than there are homes… many are choosing to build their home instead. A quarter of my transactions were lot sales last year! Building a home can be fun, exciting, personal, exhausting, scary, frustrating…

which is why you ALWAYS. always bring your agent with you. Are you ready to meet the builders you’ve narrowed down? Bring your agent. Why? Even if the process seems straight forward and fool proof… you always want a professional to represent you.

You pick your lot. You close on your lot. And 6 months to a year later, it’s time to build. So, you call your agent again, let her know you are ready to narrow down your choices and get into some model homes, meet some builders… and soon enough the plans are in place. Why do you need your Realtor? Well, for one, she’s free to you. Her commission is paid by the builder, and with her, you will make sure to get the things you want, need, asked for, and not have to deal with the dirty in-betweens.

An existing home sale goes like this; contract, inspection, appraisal, financing, closing, move in. A new construction build is like this; financing, sales, layout, design, construction, inspections and finally, closing. An existing home can close 30 days from the time the contract was accepted, and a new construction could last 6-9 months, in some cases, over a year! Your agent will contact the people involved (builder, inspector, lender, designers and contractors) to ensure you are getting the home you are expecting. Leave the dirty work to your agent.

Did you know, even with your new build, there is room for negotiations? When things get sticky and you are feeling like they won’t budge on your wants and needs, your agent will go to bat for you and reach out to builder in a professional manner on your behalf to negotiate for you.

Think about this- if you walk into a sales center or a builders location, you will be greeted by a friendly agent who works for the builder. Sure, they’ll help you out! But, when you bring your own agent… they work for YOU, not the builder. Your own agent will work for what’s in your best interest, not the builder.

Always, always BYOA.

Leave me a note below if you have questions or comments! XO


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