Springin’ Into the Busy Market- 2018

Last year at this time I was prepping for my real estate exams. I had just received my books, and was studying the 1 of 2 classes I had to take, in order to qualify for the state and national portions of the exams. I had big dreams- but there was so much left unknown. What would X Y and Z be like? How would I get into houses? What will I say to potential clients? How will I market myself? How are my friends and family going to see me? Desperate? Big dreamer?

Here I am, a year later.. with many transactions under my belt, 1 closing next month, and showing a half-million dollar home tonight. My dreams were big. My motivation even bigger. I had nothing to lose- but everything to gain. I was tired of seeing the stress on B to keep the entire household afloat. The small side jobs I got were helpful, but nothing significant. It wasn’t until I got my first commission check that I was able to see the stress literally lifting from him. He was able to buy some things for his business that he had been waiting for, stock up on some necessary things for the shop, and the strings were loosening with every contract I put in.

In the (very short!) 8 months I have been an agent, I have had quite a few friends come to me for advice. Should I? How do I? What’s it like? How does it work? Yes. You just do. It’s hard, fun, you learn a lot. You just… do. You want it bad enough- you  make it work.

Here I am- entering my second year of real estate, and heading into my first FULL year of the crazy market here in Omaha. Daylight savings will allow me more time to squeeze in showings before it gets dark, more time in the day to stay productive as the sunshine tends to do that to you. 😉 I’ll need every ounce of it- too many houses to see, not enough daylight in the day to see them all.

I have 4 active clients, 2 new construction clients, and 3 clients that will be ready to buy by the beginning of the summer. My partner, Molly, has shared her clients with me, whether it be showings, or taking them completely as a client. The help I have received along the way has paved my way for success into the real estate business, but I must tell you… it’s been worth every sleepless night. Every ounce of sweat. The confidence I have gained in myself, the amount of worth I feel within myself. It’s all worth it.

There are new houses that are coming on the market every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. And many of them. And guess what? It’s only MARCH! Not even March 15th! We have SO much time to prepare. So much time to get ready for the season. Get your finances squared away and preapproved with the lender of your choosing. Figure out your wants and needs, your haves and future must haves. The home of your dreams, or the home of the in between.

It is no secret that you are throwing your money away while renting. I know plenty of people who do it as a means to gain credit and fix some financial obligations. And guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Keep doing it. Fix your stuff so that when it’s time- there is no doubt in your mind that house hunting is exactly what you should be doing. Gaining equity in a home that you can make your own, rather than tossing money for a rental place that is earning someone else a monthly income AND equity in the property.

Let’s get you ready. Let’s prep you for the craze that is the Omaha market. As your agent- it is my job to deal with the in between. You hand over the documentation needed and I converse with your lender. I make sure everything that they need, they have, and in the meantime, we get ready to shop. We look at the homes currently on the market, and dwindle them down to your must-see’s. If we’ve seen them all and nothing comes about, we start an automatic search that alerts both of us when a new home pops up with your specific criteria.

If you are under the $200,000 price range, it’ll be a rat race. It’s part of the market right now, but I’m ready if you are. I will stay relentless. Energized. You just have to stay on your feet and ready to see a home when it fits. You have me to have your back- I will do the dirty work, you just show up and see the homes. Be open, forgiving, excited. It will happen. It will.

My sellers….. it’s time. You have been working all winter to prep your home to sell. Once the grass starts turning green, let’s get pictures taken and de-clutter. Many sellers actually move out of their home before they put it on the market, because they know it’ll go that fast. It doesn’t take long!

I’m ready when you are. The weather is warming up, as is the market. Let’s do this!


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