You’ll Never See Me On A Buildboard Because….

It’s all about referrals. Have you really ever taken any person seriously that advertises on a billboard? No, really.. have you? If so, please tell me what profession they were in.

I drive past insurance agents, realtors, and mortgage lenders advertising all the time, and sometimes, on big, huge billboards along the highway/interstate. How can I trust these people? We are in the day and age of social media- and we know, instagram and Facebook are LIFE. Why wouldn’t I start there to find what I’m looking for?

I just asked for recommendations for glasses- 20 minutes later I have 17 comments. Why? Because people are in tune. They have put Facebook high enough on their social life-ladder that things show up quickly, and your answers get answered quicker than your own research. This is good- especially for someone like me, who runs on referrals. This is how it works….

I got my first client because of Facebook. A friend (Jackie) asked her friends on facebook to recommend a Realtor- and before she got bombarded with comments… she took the top ones and went from there. She and I met the next day, and we both knew we were meant to work together. A long month of hunting later, we finally got a contract on their house and got them moved in a short while later. Facebook is responsible for Deal #1. Deal #2, Facebook. My neighbor recommended me to another girl, and guess what? That other girl referred me to her cousin, Deal #3. Deal 4 and 5 were from other leads, but MY deals have been done through Facebook.

You like me, so you refer me. If you don’t like me, you refer your friends and family to someone else. However, as a new agent, I know what it takes, and none of my clients have left me unhappy. None of them have moved in without something they wanted. None of them were miserable through the process- because that’s my job. My job is to negotiate for them. My job is to weed out the homes that don’t match their wants and needs. My job is to keep things light and stress-free… and this is the way I like it. I like taking over, I like showing homes, I like doing the paperwork and I enjoy the friendships that I have gained with not just my clients, but my referrals, too.

Us Realtors that refuse to advertise do so for good reason. I believe in the power of social media. I believe in the power of word of mouth. This may be the age of digital media, but a good word goes a long way. I believe in my skill, and in my journey enough to accept and respond to referrals immediately.

If I can be of any help to you, or a friend or family member, please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me. My contact information is EVERYWHERE- I made it like that so it’s easy to get a hold of me. Call me. Text me. Email me. Whatever makes you more comfortable- it works for me. I am flexible, understanding, and my skills and knowledge are growing daily. I LOVE this industry, and I couldn’t even explain to you how FREAKIN’ EXCITED I am for the Spring to come!

Thank you for your referrals now, and in the future. It is my TRIBE that makes my dreams come true, not just me and my perseverance.






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