The Omaha Connection: Conagra Revamp IE River Crossing

In early December 2017, Conagra Park announced its proposal to transform the current campus downtown to include housing, offices and a business district, green space, restaurants and access to the lake/river. This $500 million proposal comes after Conagra shut the doors to the downtown facility in 2016 to shift their production to new headquarters in Chicago. Many lost their jobs and either had to search for work elsewhere, or relocate to follow the company to Illinois. The campus has sat empty and quiet for over a year, until Conagra selected a Real Estate Broker out of Houston to handle the growth and development of what will be downtown’s newest and greatest addition.

The project is suspected to take 7-10 years, and ground will break in 2019. “the initiative would build nine new structures containing roughly 500,000 square feet of office space, more than 80,000 square feet of retail space, a boutique hotel with up to 200 rooms and about 900 new residences.” (Omaha World Herald) The 5 current buildings that still stand, uninhabited, will remain except for one. One major building will be torn down to allow Harney Street to extend over 2 blocks and make space for new building; which includes dining and entertainment areas.

The Old Market has long been a place of entertainment, dining, and residential space. Old buildings that have stood for over a hundred years have been completely gutted and remodeled to make space for hotels, residential and office space. There are a plethora of condos and apartments that have made way for locals to move their residency from other parts of Omaha to be closer to work, nightlife, or higher-end living in the downtown area.

Much more details on proposed space are available on the thorough article on, link:

Below is a picture of the proposed plan, all buildings in WHITE are the NEW buildings.


proposed conagra


So ready to get some new clients into these new condos!


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