What’s Up Wednesday- January 10th

Showing houses today! I have been working with an investor couple for a few months now, they need a certain kind of house (3 bed minimum… garage… must have basement…) for them to fix up a bit and rent it out. Great investment opportunities where they want to be (specifically District 66/Westside) but I tell you what…. we have written 3 contracts now and have gotten beat out of every one of them. Some of them are because of a cash offer ahead of us- who can say no to $140k in cash?!? Understandably so! And in this market, all of this is to be expected. I’ve learned to not get my hopes up until the contract is accepted, and then reserve some hope for the post-inspection. After the inspection passes and we move forward, then it’s game on. Time to get this baby closed! Crossing my fingers that I’ll be writing at least one offer during the Snowmageddon we are supposed to be getting after midnight tonight….

What’s up everyone? How are things in the start of your new year? This will be a great year. Last year was disastrous for so many Americans. The natural disasters of 2017 cost the US over 390 BILLION DOLLARS! So many people were misplaced and in need of new homes. Our economy is so strong right now, as is the housing market in most cities. Thankfully so, many people have found new homes and were moved in before the holidays. There are some unlucky ones, however, that had to move out of state to find somewhere more affordable to live. There were many Texans that came to shack up with their families here in Omaha, and now… it’s time they settle and find a place of their own.

It has been projected that the inventory will remain low this year again. More buyers than sellers, which again, great news for our sellers! Getting top dollar for their investment. This is SUCH a great time to buy, SUCH a great time to sell. The interest rates are astronomically low, and with many loan programs loosening the strings, many first time home buyers are finding themselves shopping for homes much earlier than they expected.

So, let’s get you started. Clean up the delinquent accounts on your credit reports, make sure things are clean. Check your DTI (debt to income ratio) and compare them to the loan programs that are available. I have some really wonderful lenders that I work with that give free advice to help you clean things up, and help you along the way when we find you your home. After your straighten out bad debt, we will get you preapproved and start our hunt. The spring is coming! Don’t waste a second, but remember… I am here for you every step of the way. Keep me up to date and I’ll do the rest.

Talk soon!



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