January 2018

FRIENDS! FAMILY! TRIBE!!! HI! Welcome Back! I took a personal/professional blog break to focus on the remaining homes and lots that needed to be closed by December 31, 2017. Guess what? We got it done! All listings have been closed, all lots have been closed. I was able to start 2018 with a fresh slate, which to me, is a great way to start. It isn’t a slow start, it is fast paced and I am eager to begin.

The goals I have set for the year are pretty simple; I don’t feel it necessary to overdo and over-complicate things. Keep it simple, easy to attain but still a slight reach to meet. It has to be something you can do, but you must grow in order to complete. Last year I blew my goals out of the water. Coincidentally, the first and only year I have EVER written my goals down for everyone to see. I made myself and everyone around my accountable to me. Keep me on track. Keep me trying. Keep me believing.

It feels like the winter just started, right? I mean literally like 3 weeks ago was the first day of winter. However… my sights are set a little bit further. Spring is a short 65 days away. IT’S SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST SMELL IT!!!!!! Do you know what happens in the spring? HOUSE RUSH. Sellers spend the winter prepping their home to sell, and after a short few hours on the market, BOOM. Contract accepted. The market in Omaha is OUTRAGEOUS right now! There are too many buyers, not enough sellers. Good news for our sellers; they are getting EXCELLENT offers on their homes, many times, in multiple offer scenarios, they are getting well over and above asking price. The inventory is low, but when it sells, it SELLS.

Let’s get the spring going! I have accumulated a nifty list for my Spring Sellers. There are quite a few of them, some of them have actually asked for my physical help, to get inside their home and help them de-personalize and point out things that should be uncluttered or spruced up. First things first: fresh paint and clean carpet. I had one couple specifically, point out the paint and carpet (along with smell)  condition in every single home we walked in… the very moment we walked in. It’s important. When some have children running around, a home that is ready to move into and prepped with fresh paint and clean carpets will win a round of multiple offers every time.

Now, I also have investors I work with that are looking for more of a fixer-upper. They aren’t the only ones, as you can imagine… so they are also forced into many multiple-offer scenarios, too. We see the house, we run the numbers, and what do you know! Another all-cash offer, but can close in X days. Hard to compete! However… there is a house for everyone. You WILL get a house, and it WILL be perfect for you, because it will only happen if it is truly meant to be yours.

My best advice for the upcoming housing boom season….. don’t fall in love until you have the keys. Anything can happen, and I promise you… it does. Some transactions are seamless! Some struggle with financing. Some with inspections. Some with cold feet. I do my best to educate my buyers and my sellers for the season that is nearly upon us. The rush is coming!

Do all you can to prep- and remember your Realtor in your time of need.



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