Free Tip Friday: September 8th

Hello, my friends! Welcome to, and to Free Tip Friday. This is our first post of this segment, and I am really excited to get it going. Hoping we can learn some stuff together! Ready to hear what I’ve learned this week?

-Home Inspections: REALLY necessary to have done. We wrote a contract (purchase agreement/offer) contingent on the seller paying to service/repair the entire HVAC units in the home if necessary. It came back, not so good. Seller is looking to possibly pay a pretty penny, but this small piece of the contract is holding this deal together for my buyers. They are possibly going to get a brand new furnace, and an otherwise perfectly working HVAC system! The inspections are running around $500 here in Omaha, which includes a radon test. Really super important to have done to know what condition the guts of your future home is in before moving in.

-When dealing with the agent on the other side, (in this particular instance- I am the buyers agent, so other side is what? Seller’s agent! He/She listed the home for sale) if they have a lesser-that-positive outlook on the entire transaction, let it go. Worry about your clients, and to my readers, I worry about YOU. Not the other side- my loyalty lies with you. After all, we’ve signed a legally binding contract for me to do just that, right? So why wouldn’t I? I am here to negotiate to get you the best deal, to close on time-if not earlier… and look out for you so you can sit back and let me handle the rest.

-New Buyer Leads: I don’t chase my leads. I have decided to frame my business around referrals, meaning… I have to ask for them to get them. I have a large group of really great friends that surround me; and because they have read my personal blog for over a year (link below!), they know me, know how I roll, know the struggles, and because of my writing… they know what kind of a person I am. They know I don’t hide behind a screen- being upfront and honest with my tribe is the way I want to live my life. I rely on my personality alone to bring me work. I network with the people closest to me; they know me, they love me, they refer me. THANK YOU- for my referrals!

-Adding additional Programs into your website: Nothing good ever comes from free. Well, rarely. You really need to find merit in paying for your domain; I have done it twice, and it comes back tenfold. You have no ads, you can import images or features that would otherwise be unavailable, AND…. wait until you guys here this. I just asked permission from the President of Nebraska Realty if he would allow me access to an IDX subscription, meaning… I am adding a home search RIGHT HERE! Right here, on, you will be able to search for homes in and around the Omaha Metro. No need to go anywhere else! (and yes… I am doing this myself. 😉 I pride myself on expanding my knowledge in order to best serve my people!)


This week went by SO stinkin’ fast, and I know it’s because of Labor Day Monday being an off-day. Looking forward to the weekend! Lots of work happening, and unfortunately, a lot of work to be done in the Caribbean and Florida as we watch the disheartening hurricane unfold in the south. Good luck to my people in the Hurricane Watch Zone!

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