WHAT’S UP, TRIBE! Good to see you guys here! As said in the front page, this site will feel different than the lifestyle platform you are used to reading on. We will form this site to inform you on Real Estate news, market updates, fun tips, tricks, and anything else you want or need to know. This is ABSOLUTELY 100% interactive- comment, privately email me, text me, call me, whatever! It is NOT hard to get a hold of me! And if you think it is… here you go.


I am available 24/7. What is a day off? When you love what you do, you don’t need time off….



I sold my third house this weekend! When I met my clients, we had been anticipating this week for a few weeks, as the husband works 7 on/7 off, so we knew we would have to hit the ground running and do it fast. They are renters that were converting to buyers, and they came to me already preapproved for a home loan, how much easier could it be? EASY! We saw the first home they were interested in in a list of over 20, and guess what? We saw it a second time, and the decision was rather easy for them to make. We put in an offer, and after some negotiating, they got EXACTLY what they were asking for! Not to brag but… $10k UNDER asking price! That is incredibly unheard of in this particular market, where most buyers are offering up and over the asking price by sometimes thousands. So happy that this purchase has gone so smoothly so far.

The stress that overcame me on Friday night after we submitted our offer was a little overwhelming. Remember, this is my THIRD house I’ve sold. So, the things that need to be said to educate my clients the best I can on the process, the home itself, and anything else that comes up has become easier as the days go on, but there is still SO much that needs to be learned.

The learning curve with new Realtors is approximately 2-3 years, and that’s the truth. I have heard that from veteran agents that struggled their first few years until they really got the hang of the industry. I met this woman about a month ago, she was enamored by me, which was incredibly humbling, as she herself did over 10 MILLION in home sales just last year. She is a top producer in our company, and she only knew me for what she had heard about me in the pool of over 400 agents, and with that, and finally running into me face-to-face, she begged to take me under her wing. Didn’t need much convincing!

After months of being thrown around the “join my team!” whirlpool that was Nebraska Realty, I made my mark. I made my decision, and for the first time.. I wasn’t running to my confidant (Christy, God love her!) to ask for her opinion. (she approached me the next day, congratulating me, saying “I KNOW you’re confident about this, you didn’t come to me panicking!”) It seemed too good to be true, and as I know in this industry, things can slip from underneath you as fast as they are given.

Molly and I have teamed up, without being a team. We are not rebranding, we are just Molly & Abby. BUT- what is different, is that she will take my 2-3 year learning curve down to about 6 months-  1 year. Do you know what that means?? I will launch my career with the help of a top producer; who has turned into my friend aside from my much-looked-up-to leader. Not just that- but I will launch in a way that not everyone has a chance too. Quickly, efficiently, gracefully. Her advice is given daily, I listen to her and respect her opinion, in hopes that someday, I can do the same for a newbie that needs the same help that I do.

With that being said, HERE I AM! I am starting this career-driven blog to educate you all the while I am being educated, too. I will learn from Molly, from those seasoned agents around me, from the classes I will take, from the lenders I learn from… and YOU, my tribe, will learn alongside with me. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to gain your trust, your heart, and ultimately, your referrals. I want you to trust me. I want you to learn with me, understand with me, interact with me, and love me enough to think of my first when you or anyone you know needs to buy or sell.


I will do my best to give you everything you need. DO NOT hesitate to reach out ANYTIME you need a question answered, whether it is about real estate or NOT! I am here for you- through abbyabsolutely and

I love you guys! Thank you for reading, once again! Let’s get crackin’ on crackin’ the real estate industry!


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