Hi! Welcome to my website. My name is Abby, and I’ve been a Realtor© since 2017, As a rookie agent, I am grateful for my growing list of closings. I closed a proud 10 transactions in my first 12 months as a Realtor. I have started 2019 strong, and I am incredibly excited for what the Spring will bring!

I grew up all around Nebraska and Colorado, with business owners as parents. My dad has been a reputable salesman in the Midwest region since the 1980’s, and my mom has a true entrepreneurial spirit, that has led her to start, sell and grow companies since the 1980’s, as well. I know much about businesses and real estate, and I love being able to put all my years of practice to good use for my own business.

I have worked nearly every end of the residential spectrum; from residential listings and purchases, to vacant lot purchases, new construction, investment opportunities and rentals.

I love Jesus and I love Nebraska. I enjoy being a part of this city, even if that means watching the market, and news, closely from my couch as I rest between work and family life.

My Tribe. Brandon, Tripp, Mia and Owen

I am a true family woman and am infinitely proud of my clan. I had my oldest son at 16, and moved to the big city to start our life together. We have been in Omaha since 2008, and I call it my permanent home. We expanded our family with our ‘littles’, and we have put the ‘FINAL’ sticker on our picture perfect family. I am grateful for the amazing man I share my life with, and the support he provides for not just evening or weekend showings, but his own sacrifices to help my business grow. We have spent 7 years together and will ‘someday!’, tie the knot, officially.

Welcome to my Real Estate Website!


BUYERS-  Check out the BUYERS tab for a BUNCH of real estate terms to calm those nerves. You may have gone to some open houses, or you’re tired of the outrageous rent prices, or perhaps need a yard for your kids; furry or human. It took me months of gathering the right information to my full buyers guide, fill out the form on the BUYERS page to get the entire guide.

SELLERS- This page has been heavily updated and needs your full attention! Check out the juicy 411 by clicking on the ‘SELLERS’ page.

Watchers; are you just here to support and scope it out? Please feel free to share this website and my name and information to your friends, family, coworkers and people you meet or overhear, inquiring about real estate. Your referrals and good words are SO appreciated, from my small business to your home, this is how my company will grow. THANK YOU!

This site is also used to give my friends and clients a close view on Omaha’s housing market. I want to incorporate DIY tricks and hacks, inside look at local listings, realtor insight and more!


I am a Real Estate Salesperson, and I am a member of the National Association of Realtors. Therefore, not only am I a real estate agent, but I am a realtor. I can buy or sell real estate, and I must ‘hang’ my license with a broker. My broker of choosing was Nebraska Realty, so I am an independent contractor, not an employee. Instead of “I work for…” it’s “I work with…”

When you ‘hire’ a realtor, you are putting your foot in the direction of serious home buying/selling. Whether you have been fixing up your home for a while or just ready for a fresh start… there are many reasons to sell your home. A realtor’s job is pretty self-explanatory… sell the house, right? What clients sometimes don’t know (until their realtor educates them) is that a realtor has advanced training and experience when it comes to marketing, pricing, negotiating, legal paperwork and terms, and they all usually have a large group behind them in case of questions. No 2 transactions are the same; so me and my realtor-friends alike share our experiences and “OMG you’ll never believe this…” because we can all help each other and everyone’s clients.

You can contact me anytime on my cell; 402.709.3285 by calling or texting anytime. You are also welcome to email me at: agood@nebraskarealty.com.

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